Zoom, a cloud-based video conferencing service, now allows its clients to livestream their content on Twitch. The company said in a blog announcement, account owners and admins can now allow hosts to livestream their meeting or webinar to Twitch directly.

With the latest update, users can also select an avatar to represent themselves during meetings and webinars, and even share computer audio for a "more cohesive experience."

Most popular Twitch channels: Ninja, Tfue, auronplay and others
Most popular Twitch channels: Ninja, Tfue, auronplay and others

Twitch has long been known as a platform for gamers. According to data from Backlinko, Twitch has 140 million unique visitors every month, with streams of the video game accumulating 42.55 billion watch hours. Streamer Ninja — who is also a professional gamer — ranks the top-10 Twitch channels with over 15 million followers.

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Zoom's new update comes just a few months after streamers collectively criticized Twitch over its "unhealthy lifestyle" approach. According to BBC, the platform is encouraging streamers to be live as long as possible to keep viewers. This has already led to consequences as some say they have to deal with anxiety and symptoms of agoraphobia.