YouTuber Anish De made a web app that allows anyone who has an account on Twitter to mint tweets as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for free. Built with the Thirdweb Typescript SDK, the so-called TwNFT app gives creators a tool to memorize their short messages on social media with the help of blockchain.

All images of tweets that will be minted can be customized and De promises that the whole process of token minting is for free. There's also protection from plagiarism which means only the account owners can mint their tweets and no one else can.

Moreover, only one NFT can be minted per tweet. This is so that every NFT is unique.

As of press time, the app only supports MetaMask where users can store their digital collectibles, however, De plans to add support for the WalletConnect plugin as well. Besides just simply holding the tokens in the digital vault, users can also sell them on marketplaces like OpenSea, SuperRare of Nifty Gateway.

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Previously, To The Moon reported that Pearpop, a marketplace for social media collaboration, developed an app that brings new use cases for NFTs and how they can be monetized.

Dubbed "Pearproof," the app allows creators to mint NFTs of their social media posts. However, the main feature is that the app is using a special algorithm that tracks the NFT's value depending on social engagement.