YouTube is working on a new feature that would allow creators to co-host shopping streams together, TechCrunch reports. The upgrade will only allow two creators to host a single stream as the video platform is still testing and plans to launch sometime later this year.

In addition to co-hosting shopping livestreams, YouTube is reportedly also developing the so-called "live redirects" feature. With this update, creators could lead their subscribers during streams to a brand's channel. Although YouTube didn't provide a timeframe, the latest feature is also expected to be available this year.

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki says the platform has become one of the top places for retailers where they search for information about goods they want to buy. To address the demand, YouTube is boosting its efforts in the shopping area:

People come to YouTube every day to make decisions about what to buy, and 87% of viewers say that when they’re shopping or browsing on YouTube, they feel like they can make a faster decision about what to purchase because of all the information that we have in videos.

Meanwhile, YouTube is also developing support for non-fungible tokens (NFTs). While no details are known so far, Wojcicki said the company is looking to Web 3.0 as a "source for inspiration."

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