YouTube is testing a new membership gifting feature that allows creators to distribute a set number of channel memberships in a single purchase.

The Google-backed company wrote on a page that those who receive a gift membership would get 1 month of access to channel membership perks like loyalty badges, custom emojis and more. YouTube noted that gift membership recipients do not pay any charges and as the creator, they receive the usual revenue share from each transaction.

An illustration of what gift memberships look like. Source:
An illustration of what gift memberships look like. Source:

However, the feature is currently available among select creators in beta mode only. The company says it hopes to expand the access over the next several months to even more creators. Those interested in testing can submit their applications via Google Form; however, they will still need to meet a set of requirements described here.

YouTube stressed that gift memberships use the same revenue model as other services: 70% for creators and 30% for the company. The share is calculated after App Store fees on iOS (if applicable) and other charges like sales tax.

The move comes after YouTube allowed all eligible creators to use the Super Thanks monetization tool as part of its efforts to boost creators' activity on its platform. With the new option, creators can earn a new source of revenue and connect with viewers who want to show extra gratitude for their content.

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