YouTube is seeking a new gaming creator who can boost the platform's traffic to challenge other streaming platforms like Twitch. To achieve this goal, the company has launched a global competition called "uTure" with a prize of $100,000 to the grand-prize winner, Variety reports.

The new show, hosted by UK YouTube gaming creator Ali-A, will debut in June this year. As per reports, content creators will have to compete in weekly challenges to win the prize. Among judges will be Ali-A, Australian YouTuber Lachlan, and LilSimsie from the US.

Ali-A believes there're "tens of thousands of brilliant gaming creators who haven't yet been discovered." With the contest, the YouTuber hopes to give them time to shie:

It’s my hope that uTure will give all these creative individuals their moment to shine and learn from gaming veterans in the space in front of YouTube’s millions-strong global audience.

Entries for uTure are already opened. Candidates must be in English and submitted as a YouTube Short. In addition to that, candidate must upload their video to YouTube Shorts using the hashtag #uTureShow. Submissions are set to close on May 8.

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