YouTube is now allowing all eligible creators to use the Super Thanks monetization tool as part of its efforts to boost creators' activity on its platform. With the new option, creators can earn a new source of revenue and connect with viewers who want to show extra gratitude for their content, YouTube announced on Tuesday.

Until now, the feature was available only to randomly-selected creators. Now, all creators in the Partner Program can enable Super Thanks via YouTube Studio. With Super Thanks, viewers can buy one-time animation with custom colorful comments from $2 to $50.

YouTube positions Super Thanks as a "win-win" tool for creators and their audience as it increases earning potential "directly from your community." However, not all creators are fully convinced that Super Thanks will be as much popular as superchats on live streams since YouTube's feature doesn't guarantee that a user will get an instant response from the creator.

A spokesperson for YouTube however clarified that creators can filter to see only Super Thanks comments, which can also help them with managing and interacting with Super Thanks comments specifically. It remains to be seen if YouTube plans to charge fees on cash-out operations.

The move comes as other video platforms face issues with their monetization models. Earlier, To The Moon reported that Vimeo, a video-sharing platform, now requires creators to upgrade their accounts to a custom plan, which would cost them $3,500 a year. Top creators are now faced with the choice: to upgrade, decrease bandwidth usage, or leave the platform.

Twitch also seems to be on a bumpy road as its experiment in pay-to-boost streams ended up in porn promotion right on the main page.

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