YouTube continues to remain one of the top platforms for creators as the company reported $28.8 billion in advertising revenue in 2021, Social Media Today reports.

Given that the San Bruno-based company pays its creators just a little over half of the ad revenue, YouTube might have fueled the creator economy with over $15 billion throughout 2021. Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai noted:

Last year, the number of YouTube channels that made at least $10,000 in revenue was up more than 40% year over year. And we're continuing to improve support for Artists and Creators.

Besides YouTube's ad products, creators are also making money with Super Chat and Channel Memberships, with a $100 million Shorts Fund. It remains unclear, though, how much creators make with these non-ad products.

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However, it doesn't seem that YouTube's competitors rest on their laurels as TikTok plans to boost its creator fund up to $1 billion over the next three years. Until then, creators seemed to be unsatisfied with the earnings the Chinese platform can offer.