The Biden administration gathered TikTok creators on a Zoom call to give its view about the war unfolding in Ukraine, The Washington Post has learned.

The report says that National Security Council staffers and White House press secretary Jen Psaki discussed with 30 social media influencers — including Marcus DiPaola (over 2 million followers) and Ellie Zeiler (over 10.5 million followers) — about what goals the United States has set in the region. The officials also shared their plans to react to the Russian use of nuclear weapons.

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The move came after VICE News found out there was a coordinated campaign to pay Russian TikTok influencers to post videos pushing pro-Kremlin narratives about the war in Ukraine.

A user dubbed "gupka" is just one of many pro-Kremlin influencers

According to reports, campaigns were mainly coordinated in a secret Telegram channel — which amassed over 500 members before it was shut down — as Russian influencers were all reading the same script on a camera, trying to excuse the war in Ukraine.