The inventor of the World Wide Web (also known as WWW or Web) Tim Berners-Lee, 66, doesn't think that the metaverse will be the next revolutionary thing as it will mainly rely on the currently existing technologies like the Internet. In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Berners-Lee admitted though that the idea of virtual reality will become a substantial part of the future:

People ask about virtual reality, and if the metaverse is going to be the whole future, and the answer is that it’s going to be part of the future.

He hopes that virtual reality (VR) will give people a new form of media, where they could interact with each other like in real life:

I think you'll be able to sit between a movie and a VR world of that movie, for example. That’s what I hope.

At the same time, Apple's iPod and iPhone inventor Tony Fadell doesn't think that the future with VR will be bright. Speaking with BBC, Fadell said that the metaverse would remove the ability "to look into the other person's face." He added:

If you put technology between that human connection that's when the toxicity happens.

Born in 1955, the English computer scientist invented the Web back in 1989 while working at CERN. A year later, Berners-Lee created standards like HTML, the Web browser, a server, HTTP and even the very first website. For Berners-Lee, the world of crypto and blockchain is nothing new as in 2021 he sold the original source code for the Web in the form of a non-fungible token (NFT) at Sotheby’s for $5.4 million.

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