TikTok star Esther Aular (also known as Nekita) has gained a whole army of followers with her surrealistic makeup skills. The artist with 1.7 million followers on TikTok and 83,000 on Instagram, is mesmerizing with her transformation into a duo of well-known characters like Scarlet Witch and Doctor Strange or Captain Jack Sparrow and the wicked Davy Jones.

In an interview with South West News Service, Esther Aular said the work is a representation of "surrealism and optical illusion." The artist revealed that sometimes it takes up to 12 hours to do some looks.

Aular also stressed that for her, these sometimes exhausting makeups are more than just a hobby:

But it’s my art, my emotions, it’s what I live and love, so I find it easy to come up with ideas. I just take my face and do my makeup and become who I really am.

According to a recent study conducted by Patreon, modeling and cosplay art are now the most popular topics on social media. With that, video format remains the main (38%) creative medium used by content makers. In addition to modeling, most of the topics also cover politics and comedy. Writing takes the second place (17%) with podcasting gaining 14%.

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