Warner Music Group (WMG) has partnered with The Sandbox to build its own music-themed world in the metaverse. According to a blog announcement, WMG became one of the world’s biggest music companies to take the first steps into the metaverse realm.

Oana Ruxandra, chief digital officer & EVP, business development at Warner Music Group, said:

On the LAND, we’ll develop persistent, immersive social music experiences that defy real-world limitations and allow our artists and their fans to engage like never before.

WMG has already purchased an ESTATE, that will be used as some sort of a portal through which users can integrate with the company in The Sandbox.

Under the agreement, The Sandbox will also sell a LAND at a later date, where users can buy coveted LANDS adjacent to the WMG property. However, it remains unclear which artists will appear within The Sandbox.

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This isn't the first The Sandbox auctions with big brands. In December 2021, The Sandbox announced the so-called "Mega City" in a partnership with a group of Hong Kong artists and entrepreneurs.

As part of the initiative, The Sandbox also sold LAND near Hong Kong tycoon Adrian Cheng, PwC Hong Kong, musician Dough-Boy, game IP Little Fighter and others.