Visa, a payments and credit card giant, launched a program aimed at creators interested in building their small businesses with NFTs. The initiative called Visa Creator Program is aimed at "digital-first artists, musicians, fashion designers, and filmmakers", the company tells in its press release.

Here's what participants will get:

  • Technical and product mentorship
  • Community building (access to the community of other creators)
  • Access to thought leaders (some form of consultations with thinkers and researchers both from payments and web3 worlds)
  • Exposure to Visa’s clients and partners
  • Stipend (Visa offers a one-time stipend but doesn't tell much about the sum)

The program isn't open for everyone, though. Artists and creators all over the world have to fill out a form on Visa's website to get a chance to become a part of the initiative. It asks about the type of artistic medium applicants work with, their crypto expertise, and social reach. The company also asks to post a link to the creator's portfolio. The deadline is May 11th, 2022.