Richard Garriott, an American video game developer best known for the Ultima game series, is planning to build a really good NFT game as the market still has space to expand in this direction.

Speaking in an interview with PCGamesN, the Ultima creator said he's collaborating with Todd Porter on a new MMO video game based on the blockchain network. Garriott and Porter say they’re well aware of the problems that crypto brings with it, referring to technical difficulties as well as reputation with players. Here's what Porter says:

There’s not really any good NFT games right now, in my opinion. I’ve not seen anything that I felt has really held up any gameplay.

Being in the early stages of production, the game still doesn’t have an official name. However, the developers already shared that it’ll be a modern spirit of Ultima with top-down, isometric gameplay in a fantasy world. While Porter confirmed that the developers have successfully secured funding to back the game’s development, they still plan to hold an NFT-based land sale.

An example of the virtual land packaged in gift boxes. Source:
An example of the virtual land packaged in gift boxes. Source:

According to PCGamesN, the game will allow its players to build shops or other properties on lands they own. Garriott says there are lots of broad economical benefits from this model:

For example, if you happen to be the owner of an NPC-run pub in town, you could get the economic reward just by virtue of having helped it come into existence.

The pair sees the value that blockchain brings to the game in a "unified system" for players that can become financially involved in the gaming process. Porter and Garriott say they understand the skepticism around NFTs, but promise that the design of the upcoming game takes that skepticism into account.

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