The National Art Museum of Ukraine has entered into a partnership with Estonian blockchain startup STAMPSDAQ to auction digital versions of Ukrainian artworks.

According to a press release, the NFTs — licensed by STAMPSDAQ with the help of smart contracts — are available in 5 rarity tiers on the STAMPSDAQ marketplace with a floor price of $25.

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Yulia Lytvynets, Director General of the National Art Museum of Ukraine, says the "added value" of digital art in the NFT format plays an "important role" as animated effects help reveal the "context of paintings creation." She added:

So it is important for us to be the first cultural institution in the country that offers an NFT collection to art collectors and crypto enthusiasts.

The first NFT art collection — which is already available for purchase — includes the following paintings:

  • Vsevolod Maksimovich, Carnaval 1913
  • Alexander Murashko, Woman with flowers 1918
  • Alexandra Exter, Bridge Sevre 1912
  • Petr Rybka, Cossack Mamay 1855
  • Vsevolod Maksimovich, Self-portrait 1913

The price of the NFTs ranges from $25 to $1,000, depending on the rarity category and the auction demand, the parties said. Andrii Shapovalov, CEO of STAMPSDAQ, says this is the first step of the collaborative initiative as the company also wants to create Ukrainian Art Space in the long term.