Twitter Spaces, a sub-platform of Twitter for live audio conversations, is working on a new feature that would allow publishing recorded discussions, Engadget has learned.

Creating a clip in the Twitter app
Creating a clip in the Twitter app

As per the report, a group of hosts on iOS got access to the feature. Android and web users are expected to try recorded audio clips in the near future. The feature essentially allows making recorded audio clips of up to 30 seconds of audio.

Twitter has been trying to catch up with the audio trend for a while now. For example, the social network is reportedly working on a dedicated tab for podcasts in mobile apps to strengthen its presence in the social audio space.

Mobile developer and researcher Alessandro Paluzzi wrote in a tweet that the social media giant is testing the feature between selected users.

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Meanwhile, YouTube is set to challenge Apple, Spotify as the platform reportedly wants to give individual creators $50,000 and podcast networks from $200,000 up to $300,000 so they would publish video versions of podcasts.

YouTube is offering "grants" to entice podcasters to create video versions of their shows, according to sources close to the matter. It is assumed that the money would help producers create filmed versions of their products.