Twitter is going deeper into its hierarchical pyramid of paid content by introducing Spaces for Super Follows, a paid monthly subscription to support favorite creators on Twitter and get access to limited tweets. With the update, creators can now tap in with their biggest (financial) supporters.

The feature is currently available to select creators only. The new Spaces for Super Follows only have a different color palette, with a special badge at the top identifying a broadcast. Twitter says:

Now with Super Follows-only Spaces, creators can offer an extra layer of conversation to their biggest supporters beyond Tweets by engaging them through live audio.

While those followers who don't support creators financially will also be able to see broadcasts when shared, they'll still need to sign on as a Super Follower.

    An example of Spaces for Super Follows. Source:
An example of Spaces for Super Follows. Source:

It remains unclear when Twitter plans to extend access for all users. The update appears as reports shed light on how exactly Elon Musk wants to monetize the platform.

As To The Moon previously reported, plans to lay off hundreds of employees and introduce monetized tweets, which can be seen only by paid followers. Elon wants to find a way to monetize tweets that might contain important information or go viral. The American billionaire also reportedly suggested charging a fee when a third-party website wants to quote or embed a tweet from verified individuals or organizations.

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