The internet remembers everything. That's how a new initiative started by Travis Brown on GitHub can be described succinctly.

He made a .csv table, which lists all influencers and celebrities on Twitter who were hyping the Web3 movement by putting ETH domains in their names on the social network, but later abandoned the trend.

As of press time, the table counts over 4,000 names, including Reddit Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian (formerly AlexisOhanian.eth 7️⃣7️⃣6️⃣), Polygon's Ryan Wyatt (Ryan Wyatt - fwiz.eth 💜), and country music singer Jake Owen (jakeowen.eth).

The webpage has no description of the initiative nor any calls for donation. Just the list with the latest update being made 3 days ago by adding over 300 names.

The trend for crypto domains on Twitter was initially sparked by crypto enthusiasts. The idea was that if someone wants to pay you in cryptocurrency, you have to provide them with your public Ethereum wallet address. This address looks bulky and hard to remember. But with crypto domains, users can swap cryptographic addresses into a human-readable string.

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