Twitter is apparently working on a new feature that allows those who reply to comments to see if their replies were liked by the author of a tweet. A spokesperson for Twitter told TechCrunch that the social network is indeed testing the "Liked by Author" but declined to elaborate on the matter.

An example of what the label looks like. Source:
An example of what the label looks like. Source:

While no details were given about the new feature, TechCrunch has found that the label can be seen in various countries, suggesting that the platform might be in the final stage of the test. The report says:

From what we can tell so far, once the author of a tweet likes a reply, it’s marked with a badge that is visible to both the person who left the reply and to others viewing it.

The same feature is already available on TikTok and YouTube when the creator of content likes a comment. It remains unknown when the feature is going to be available as it remains in beta mode only so far.

The news comes after Twitter confirmed it has been developing the "Edit Button" feature since last year. The platform will first test the update within Twitter Blue Labs, a paid monthly subscription arm that offers exclusive access to premium features. Although no timetable was revealed, the company said the test will be launched "in the coming months to learn what works, what doesn't, and what's possible."

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