Twitch is facing criticism for insufficient efforts to combat mental issues as streamers spend an "unhealthy amount" of time broadcasting on the platform.

According to BBC, Twitch is actively encouraging streamers to be live as long as possible to keep viewers.

Sam, who's a full-time professional streamer on Twitch, says she spends 10 hours a day every day except Sunday. Such a hectic schedule already led to anxiety and symptoms of agoraphobia. She adds:

Ten hours a day is a lot. You think you'll spend the rest of the time away from the computer and be really productive and energetic — but it's not like that to be honest, you end up obsessing with other social media that you need to keep up with as part of the job.

Labour MP Alex Sobel, who is the chairman of Westminster's All-Party Parliamentary Group on Video Gaming and Esports, says there's nothing new with the Twitch story as the platform has had a "long time to think about this."

BBC notes that it doesn't have the exact numbers of how many streamers are having mental health issues due to the number of hours they're on Twitch.

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Twitch denies all allegations. The San Francisco-based company told BBC it is "developing targeted programming to support Twitch streamers with challenges like burnout, boundary-setting and other pressures that come with a career in online content creation."

In the meantime, TikTokers remained unimpressed with the company's Creator Fund as their earnings from the company's initiative are extremely small in comparison with other platforms.