TIME has dropped its annual list of 100 most influential companies in 2022. Launched in 2021 as an expansion of traditional TIME 100, the new list counts businesses that make an "extraordinary impact around the world."

To assemble it, TIME solicits nominations across sectors including health care, entertainment, technology, and more from our global network of editors and correspondents, as well as from industry experts, the description says. There's no ranking in the list result as it's basically an array of 100 businesses divided into categories: "Pioneers", "Titans", "Leaders", "Innovators" and "Disruptors".

TIME100 most influential companies. The Pioneers section. Source: time.com
TIME100 most influential companies. The Pioneers section. Source: time.com

This time, TIME's list is a special one as it lists not only traditional companies like Meta, Alphabet, or IBM, but also Web3-related like OpenSea and The Sandbox in the "Pioneers" section.

In the case of OpenSea, TIME says the marketplace of digital collectibles has cemented its status as the "world's most popular marketplace" for non-­fungible tokens (NFTs). OpenSea owes its success to its pioneering status as the platform — being one of the oldest on the NFT market — currently has more than 1 million users.

Speaking about The Sandbox, the magazine noted that the hub made a whopping $2 billion by selling digital "land" to brands and influencers. TIME stressed that of The Sandbox's 2.1 million users, 19,000 — a number that's up 375% on a year-over-year basis.

In the "Disruptors" section, TIME listed TikTok as a "viral sensation" platform and Paxful — a crypto peer-to-peer payment platform — as a "crypto for all" service.

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