TikTokers made headlines once again with a new trend for quitting jobs.

The hashtag #iquitmyjob, where people share their experience of leaving their jobs, already got over 45 million views, Fortune has learned. The video-focused social networking service is filled with a series of short videos featuring stories about people leaving their job.

Some users say their work isn't worth mental health "no matter how well it pays." The others brag about how their managers are panicking over incompetence to do the job their subordinates used to do.

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Fortune notes such a trend already transformed into a so-called "Great Resignation" of the American workforce. For example, only in November last year, a record 4.5 million Americans left their jobs voluntarily.

Trav J. Walkowski, a people operations executive and organizational psychologist based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, believes that the reasons behind the trend are mostly low pay and long hours.

People are done being fiercely loyal to a company that has zero loyalty to them. While there is a social component, it would not exist without the primary driver: Bad employee experience.