TikTok has opened the beta of Effect House to all digital creators, the company announced in a press release. TikTok's augmented reality (AR) development platform gives creators new ways to express themselves.

The company noted that during the closed beta — which started last fall — over 450 effect creators had published effects on TikTok, creating over 1.5 billion videos and garnering over 600 billion views globally. TikTok said:

Through the expansion of the Effect House beta, we're looking forward to seeing more of the world's creative builders develop engaging and exciting effects for our global community.

While all creators can already submit their AR effects, they must follow TikTok's Community Guidelines and Effect Guidelines. This means creators can't publish effects that "promote colorism or negative stereotypes against protected groups," the company explained. Moreover, TikTok is against any effects that depict "cosmetic surgery," such as lip fillers, or "encourage scrutiny of someone's appearance."

AR effects are nothing new to the majority of social platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook. For example, while Facebook has Spark AR Studio for all its integral products, including Instagram, Snapchat also has a similar arm called Snap AR.

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