TikTok is now blocking Russian content makers from uploading new videos, livestreaming and viewing foreign content, citing the country's newly-passed "fake news" law.

Owned by the Chinese company ByteDance, TikTok reportedly wants with this step to target media outlets that support the Kremlin's line on the geopolitical conflict in Ukraine. TikTok noted it will continue to evaluate the "evolving circumstances in Russia" to determine when it might resume its services.

It remains unclear though if the move affects the Russian market as local business giant Gazprom-Media launched its own version of TikTok dubbed Yappy in 2021.

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Although it is yet to be confirmed whether the move by the Chinese company made a significant shift in the creators economy, Russian news oulets report that local alternatives of TikTok and Facebook — Yappy and VK — already recorded a "sharp increase in the user base."