Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are mainly treated as tools for get-rich-quick schemes. Yet, there are still those who experiment with digital collectibles to learn more about how blockchain and crypto work. These three photographers reached the top of their careers and now experiment with digital collectibles to try something new.

Anne Geddes

Born in 1956 in Australia, Anne Geddes is best known for her photographs of infants. She's also a successful writer who has sold over 18 million books translated into 23 different languages. Besides her main business, she also shoots for philanthropic causes as part of her own philanthropic program called "Geddes Philanthropic Trust", which is focused on raising awareness of child abuse.

An example of NFTs set for sale. Source:
An example of NFTs set for sale. Source:

Earlier in May, she released Mother's Day 2022 NFT collection, featuring twelve child portraits in different three rarity levels: "One-of-One", "Signature Series" and "Single Editions". The lowest price rate was set at $50, with the maximum reaching the $5,000 mark.

But the main feature was that the NFTs buyers could make a choice: choose to keep the so-called "redeemable NFTs" or burn them in exchange for their corresponding physical 8×10 print.

Marco Glaviano

Marco Glaviano, 80, is primarily known as a pioneer of digital photography as he was the first to publish a digital picture in American Vogue in 1982. His exquisite and astonishing works were also featured in some of the world’s leading museums and private collections like the Palazzo Morando Museum in Milan.

Photos auctioned as NFTs on Rarible. Source:
Photos auctioned as NFTs on Rarible. Source:

In November 2021, Glaviano put up for auction on Rarible one-of-a-kind NFTs of his photographs. The digital collectibles featured not only supermodels like Cindy Crawford but also exclusive photos of Alexis Ren, an American model and internet celebrity.

Sergey Maximishin

Sergey Maximishin, 58, being a two-time winner of the World Press Photo contest also decided to join the NFT bandwagon with a photo turned into a digital collectible on OpenSea, a marketplace for non-fungible tokens.

Source: A screenshot by To The Moon
Source: A screenshot by To The Moon

Published in The New York Times, TIME, Newsweek, and many other magazines, Maximishin mainly focused on portraying different years of not only Russia but also other countries in a series of journalistic stories.

Now, Maximishin plans to post at least one picture in the form of NFT a day. He wrote in a Facebook post:

Let's see how this goes. I don’t understand any of this, so any good advice would be greatly appreciated.

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