Update. Shortly after the community raised concerns over Team17's NFT project, the company said in a blog post it had taken the decision "to step back from the NFT space."

Team17, a developer of artillery tactical video games, is getting into NFTs with a new project of "limited edition" tokens generated by Reality Gaming Group, Eurogamer has learned.

Team17 claims the cost of minting 100,000 NFTs through "Ethereum's sidechain" uses the same energy as the "average annual kettle usage of around eleven UK households." However, no further details regarding the "environmentally friendly" project called "MetaWorms" were provided.

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Team17 plans to donate a portion of proceeds to Refeed Farms, an initiative that invests in worm beds that process food waste.

A spokesperson for Team17 told IGN the company doesn't plan to integrate NFT-related mechanics into video games. However, not everything went smoothly as Eurogamer found that the initiative turned out to be a surprise to many staff as employees didn't know about the project before the announcement was made. Some employees have reportedly already voiced their disapproval of it.