Substack is now moving toward the podcasts market as the platform has published a series of blog posts explaining why you should use it not only as a newsletter hub.

Source: Substack
Source: Substack

The company says that just like with written content, creators can produce paid, subscription-based podcasts:

You can push every new episode to your readers and subscribers, on the Substack app and other podcast players, as easily as publishing a post in your newsletter.

And it seems that Substack really wants you to take a look at its services as the San Francisco-based company even made a tool to import an existing podcast. The platform stressed the podcast feature is free for creators. However, those podcasters who want to turn on paid subscriptions will get 90% of their revenue, excluding fees.

To make its pitch more convincing, Substack also announced that three Patreon podcasts are now joining the platform:

  • The Fifth Column (with 4,100 subscribers);
  • American Prestige (with 2,200 subscribers);
  • Tangentially Speaking (with 300 subscribers).

The move comes after other social networks also accelerated their digital roadmap to stay competitive in this space. Earlier, HubSpot, a platform for full-scale marketing and sales management, launched a new accelerator program to seek out and invest "in emerging creators globally," including podcasters.

Meanwhile, YouTube is also set to challenge Apple and Spotify in the podcasts field as the platform reportedly gives individual creators $50,000 and podcast networks from $200,000 up to $300,000 so they could publish video podcasts on its platform.

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