Square Enix, a Japanese videogame developer best known for Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Deus Ex and Tomb Rider, has published its financial report for the fiscal year 2021. In the document, the Tokyo-based company also detailed future plans for the business as well as its investment strategy.

Among its medium-term business goals, Square Enix hinted it might issue and manage tokens on a blockchain. Moreover, the Japanese company wants to launch a new NFT-based "world-building brand."

Square Enix's investment strategy. Source: square-enix.com
Square Enix's investment strategy. Source: square-enix.com

Although Square Enix didn't elaborate on the timeframe, it revealed plans to back blockchain-focused companies, among which Animoca Brands, a Hong Kong-based venture company, and its product — The Sandbox, a gaming hub aimed to become the metaverse.

In February 2022, Square Enix launched season 1 of its NFT game called "Shi‐San‐Sei Million Arthur." Apparently, the pilot turned out to be a success as the company decided to produce a second season of the card game. Here's how the company describes its vision of NFTs:

Our plan is to incorporate game content into our service and to leverage the development and operational expertise we have amassed in our existing businesses to explore the potential of earnings structures, breadth of play, and NFT ownership experiences in the NFT business.

The report comes just a week after Square Enix sold its popular franchises Deus Ex and Tomb Raider for $300 million to focus more on new areas. By selling intellectual property rights for the games, the Tokyo-based company wants to put more effors in blockchain, artificial intelligence, and the cloud.

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