Hate it or not but the metaverse — or whatever you call it — is here and Spotify wants to be a part of it. The Stockholm-based streaming company has launched on Roblox, an online gaming platform, its own virtual land called "Spotify Island," which allows players to interact with each other with the help of 3D avatars and play interactive quests.

The land, which is also divided into several islands, is featured in various shades of the green palette and has a range of items players can interact with. For instance, a player can interact with an in-game musical play box that features a soundtrack powered by Soundtrap, a musical arm of Soundcloud. Hence, Spotify wants everyone to become a virtual artist.

Players can also explore quests that will reward them with exclusive Spotify merch like a 3D guitar. At launch, there are only four items that can be unlocked, but the number of hidden gems is expected to be extended in the foreseeable future.

According to reports, later Spotify plans to expand a set of virtual worlds so that players could explore more quests and artists could engage with their communities. Moreover, Spotify plans to monetize its own in-game store where creators could sell their own items — which can be used in any of Roblox's virtual worlds — as an additional revenue stream.

The move comes shortly after Spotify abruptly closed its fund for Greenroom creators which was barely in June 2021. Initially, there was no official explanation about how exactly and what the fund was planning to pay for. According to The Verge's sources close to the matter, the company wanted to pay creators depending on how popular their rooms are. Yet, it's still a mystery if anyone was paid through it at all. As of press time, Spotify made no official statement regarding the matter.

In the meantime, Facebook closes its podcasting arm as the social network plans to focus more on its other audio services like Live Audio Rooms. As per Bloomberg, the company will remove all podcasts from its platform altogether after June 3. A spokesperson for the company told Bloomberg that Facebook is constantly evaluating the features its offer so it can "focus on the most meaningful experiences."

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