Thorne Melcher and Mandy Musselwhite sold a collection of NFTs for nearly $120,000 in less than six hours, CNBC has reported.

The couple decided to go all-in on NFTs to save their home and farm from foreclosure after Melcher lost their job.

They created the so-called Dastardly Ducks collections consisting of 10,000 uniquely generated digital ducks.

Melcher says, "it was like a fever dream" when the couple realized they saved the farm by selling cartoon ducks:

They immediately started going so fast. I couldn't sleep until they were all gone.

Melcher admits their lives changed overnight after the whole collection was sold out in under a couple of hours.

This is far from the first time when NFTs are used as some form of social charity.

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To The Moon earlier reported that Pope Francis' carpet was sold as NFT for $80,000. While the physical version of the carpet remains with Pope Francis, the proceeds from the digital version were spent to provide aid to families in Afghanistan.

Last year, Pakistani artist Maliha Abidi launched her NFT collection called "Women Rise" with 10,000 tokens on Rarible. Abidi said she made the collection to support advocacy groups focused on equal rights for women like the Malala Fund.