Online audio streaming and distribution platform SoundCloud is going to double independent artists' revenue with additional payment this Friday, April 29, as a way to celebrate the first anniversary of Fan-Powered Royalties.

The company said on the campaign's web page that it wants to support artists by giving them an additional 100% paycheck depending on how much their fans will make on their own streams this Friday. For example, if an artist's fans earn $1,000 with their streams on April 29, SoundCloud will also give the artist $1,000 in their next payout.

To support their favorite artists, independent artists can:

  • Use the SoundCloud app to share and post their tracks to social media and tell their fans and followers to do the same.
  • Create and share SoundCloud playlists featuring their own tracks.
  • Tell their fans to comment and engage with their music on SoundCloud page.

While bonus payouts will be reflected in the April payment cycle, artists will get them at the of May. What is more, is that artists can make extra money with those fans that don't have a Go+ subscription. The company said:

Under Fan-Powered Royalties, the advertising revenue is divided among the independent artists who monetize with SoundCloud by being paid for the ad impressions users get when listening to the artist's tracks.

Fan-Powered Royalties is the latest SoundCloud initiative to support independent artists. Basically, the more fans listen on SoundCloud, and listen to an artist's music, the more the artist gets paid. According to reports, over 130,000 independent artists are now getting paid through the program.

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