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Meta Platforms was the first one who said: "Enough", and banned from Facebook some of the most propagandistic Russian media, such as RIA Novosti and Zvezda, for at least 90 days. Other Russian media and even influencers are barred from running ads and monetizing on Facebook's platform. The company is planning to restrict access to RT and Sputnik, which are controlled by the Russian government. Meta also took down "a network run by people in Russia and Ukraine targeting Ukraine". As a part of the Meta company, Instagram is looking for misinformative accounts too.


The most popular platform in the world has joined Facebook parent Meta Platforms Inc. and restricted access to the Russian state-controlled media accounts, including RT and Sputnik, in Europe. The company has been in communication with the EU and limited access to all the Russian-government linked entities, a spokesperson for TikTok said Monday.


Due to misinformation, Reddit had to quarantine subreddit r/Russia. They also have quarantined r/RussiaPolitics, which was created just a few days ago — to host invasion-related discussions. Now, these subreddits will not be shown up in searches, recommendations, or feeds in which a user hasn't specifically included them. If one finds their way to r/Russia or r/RussiaPolitics, they are going to see the warning that this subreddit contains "a high volume of information not supported by credible sources."


YouTube has banned state-backed Russian media outlets — such as RT and others — in Europe and restricted their access from receiving money for ads in the rest of the world. According to Reuters, the online video sharing platform blocked access for Russian channels affiliated with recent sanctions, citing "extraordinary circumstances."

Michael Aciman, Communications and Public Affairs Manager at Google, said the company is "actively monitoring new developments and will take further steps if necessary."


Twitter just like Facebook was amid the first social media giants that took a stand against the war. Shortly after this move, Russia restricted access to the platform. The Kremlin said the decision is a response to censorship that social media giants imposed on state-backed Russian media outlets.


This Russian social network (biggest for CIS, such as Belarus, Kazakhstan, etc.) has been blocked in Ukraine for years. Now the Ukrainian government decided to remove restrictions — to use this platform as an instrument in the informational war against Russia, says Advisor to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

Russian response

Opposing social-media companies placing restrictions on these services, the Russian government is currently trying to block not only Twitter but also Facebook and Instagram. Now if you want to fully use these platforms in Russia, you are going to need VPN.