Snoop Dogg wants to immortalize his hip-hop record label Death Row Records into an NFT label, NME reports, citing his announcement in a Clubhouse chatroom.

Eventually, Snoop Dogg says he wants to put artists "through the metaverse and through a whole other chain of music."

Just like how we broke the industry when we was the first independent to be major, I want to be the first major in the metaverse so Death Row will be an NFT label.

Although the hip-hop mogul didn't explain when and how exactly he wants to transform the label into an NFT, he highlighted that this is an "extremely meaningful moment" for him.

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Death Row Records was founded by Dr. Dre, Suge Knight, the D.O.C. and Dick Griffey in 1991. The label released multi-platinum hip-hop albums by West Coast-based artists like Snoop Dogg, Dogg Pound, and others.