Snapchat is set to support video creators with Director Mode, a new set of camera and editing tools within Snapchat that simplifies creating polished content.

The company said in a blog announcement that with the latest update users can now use the front-facing and back-facing camera at the same time. Essentially, the new feature allows content makers to capture their reaction and their 360 perspective. Here's how the company describes the new feature:

We believe this will be a game-changer for creators capturing moments around them.

According to the announcement, the feature also supports Green Screen mode, which allows creators to seamlessly transform the background. The mode is expected to be available on iOS devices with Android support coming later this year.

The move comes after Vimeo also speeded up its efforts to support video creators by launching a new program aimed at helping with marketing and Vimeo product certification courses. The program dubbed "Vimeo Experts" provides creators with additional opportunities to find new clients to support the growth of businesses.

Members of the program can connect virtually with other creative professionals via a community moderated Slack server. Vimeo also stressed that with the program, creators can get new customers and VIP support from professionals.

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