Simone Giertz, a Swedish inventor known for making "shitty robots" and YouTuber, has launched her own web store called "Yetch," where she's selling a whole range of weird-but-fancy items like an incomplete white puzzle (for $35) and a screwdriver ring (for $85).

Giertz, who has over 2.6 million subscribers on YouTube, said in a recent video she always wanted to share items she was making for videos with others outside of YouTube:

I've been building things on YouTube for the last seven years now and it's gone from shitty robots and useless machines to stuff like Truckla. To me building a bunch of things are actually kind of useful and there're just so many projects that I built here that I don't want to end in only being a YouTube video if that makes sense.

Currently, the Yetch store features only four items for sale. However, Giertz said in the future a lot of the projects she had made on YouTube will also be available for purchase.


An example of products available on Yetch. Source:

Right now, the Swedish inventor is trying to figure out how to automize the process of making thousands of copies of only one item she made for YouTube.

The problem is there's a huge difference between making one of something and like a thousand of something. Manufacturing a product is really really hard. Especially when you're doing everything independently, but I've put together a really amazing product team.

Moreover, Giertz pointed out she's investing all of the proceeds from the sales into developing future products, which means that buyers also support the vision of the company.

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