Samsung invited the company's fans and journalists to watch its Galaxy Unpacked 2022 event not only on YouTube but also in the metaverse. To do so, the company created Samsung 873X, a virtual copy of its flagship store in New York City.

In theory, everything was relatively easy. The event was established in the Decentraland, a platform working right in browsers like Chrome or Firefox. Users have to connect their crypto wallet to log in, but that's not necessary, because they can enter as guests.

A CNET reporter Russel Holly decided to cover the event in the metaverse only to find out that the doors of the building remained shut even after it has started.

To The Moon journalists encountered the same problem while trying to get inside the experience: users can wander around the building but not get inside it.

To The Moon journalist had no luck getting to the event
To The Moon journalist had no luck getting to the event

A few minutes later, Russel Holly reported that he finally found his way inside. To do so, he had to change the server in the Decentraland.

What a journalist have seen inside was a big 2D screen with the same presentation stream everyone could see on YouTube. "Welcome to the #Metaverse, where watching things everyone else is watching takes a lot more steps and you end up missing the beginning", he wrote on Twitter. Read the full thread here.

To be honest, other users have found a way to the event, too. But not for all of them the experience was smooth.