Facebook and Instagram's parent company Meta Platforms Inc is labeled as an "extremist organization" in Russia after the company allowed users in Ukraine to post messages urging violence against the Russian President, Reuters reports.

The move comes after Russia's media regulator had previously banned Facebook and Instagram in the country. A Moscow court noted though that despite the labeling, Russians will not face penalties for using Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp. Moreover, the limitations don't affect the WhatsApp messenger service at all.

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Pavel Chikov, head of Agora International Human Rights company, says there are still several risks Russians should remember when using Facebook or Instagram:

  • any public demonstration of symbols (e.g. Facebook's logo) will be subject to administrative proceedings of up to 15 days of arrest;
  • ordering ads in both social networks or trading Meta shares can be considered as financing of extremist activities, which is subject to criminal responsibility.

To The Moon earlier reported that the Biden administration gathered TikTok creators on a Zoom call to give its view about the war unfolding in Ukraine.

The report says that National Security Council staffers and White House press secretary Jen Psaki discussed with 30 social media influencers about what goals the United States has set in the region. The officials also shared their plans to react to the Russian use of nuclear weapons.