Ripple Labs, a company that develops the Ripple payment protocol, has revealed the full list of creators it has onboarded for its Creator Fund to boost NFTs usage on the XRP Ledger, a distributed and remittance network.

According to a press release, the fund is aimed to solve the problem-centered utility of non-fungible tokens. The group of creators that will work on new use cases if XRP Ledger include:

  • Zion Clark, a wheelchair racer and Netflix documentary star.
  • Chef Cecey, PancakeSwap designer and artist.
  • Rare Air Media, producer of Michael Jordan’s visual autobiography For the Love of the Game.
  • Jessica Ragzy, contemporary artist, entrepreneur and LEGO MASTER.
  • Women Helping Women, an advocacy group that prevents gender-based violence and empowers survivors.

Ripple says the project with $250 million in funding is aimed at helping creators "kickstart their state-of-the-art NFTs on the XRP Ledger." However, the financial side of the partnership between Ripple and the above-mentioned influencers is undisclosed. The San Francisco-based company claims that over 4,000 creators have applied to the fund so far, but it's unclear how many of them have been approved for the funding if any.

To help with a product launch, Ripple also teamed up with mintNFT, Mintable, Momento NFT, and WENEW Labs, companies focused on developing NFT-related products. Those who want to get funding, but failed to do so for the first wave, can still apply for the second one at

So far, Ripple has been catching up with the list of blockchain networks hyping NFTs. According to data from IntoTheBlock, Ethereum still makes up over 90% of NFT volume despite growing ecosystems on other blockchains. Other networks like Solana and Cardano also got their moment of fame.

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