Reddit is aiming at the video industry with new features like TikTok-like video editing tools and "reactions," TechCrunch has learned. A spokesperson for Reddit told the media that the company is indeed exploring new ways of engaging in discussions, including videos.

The report says Reddit plans to reach out to subreddits to find out if they would be interested in new features. However, community tests have yet to begin, TechCrunch notes. The spokesperson explained:

In line with our work to help people engage in the topics that matter to them through social audio, video, text, memes, and more, we’re in the process of reaching out to a few Reddit communities to see if a new video feature we’re working on is something they find useful and fun.

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Although no details about the features were officially confirmed so far, reports say Reddit might be exploring tools like adding effects, filters, and stickers. The move follows recent reports according to which, TikTok is reportedly also working on keyword filtering for the For You Page, group chats, audio-only live streams and Twitch-like subscription.