Sylvester "Rambo" Stallone is now part of the NFT club too as the popular Hollywood star dropped his own collection of digital collectibles called SLYGuys.

Example of SLYGuys NFTs. Source:
Example of SLYGuys NFTs. Source:

SLYGuys is a limited-edition series of 9,997 NFTs featuring Stallone's 50-year Hollywood career in the form of iconic characters. Created and curated by Stallone himself, the collection is "punching the Ethereum blockchain in the face," says the project's description on Twitter. Stallone said in an announcement:

I'm so excited to enter this space because there're so many things that I haven't shown that I wanted to share.

Users may be able to mint their NFTs right on Later, the tokens can be purchased on secondary marketplaces like OpenSea. The project emphasized that the token holders besides the token itself will also obtain "certain ownership rights" in and to the specific image depicted in the NFT. However, certain restrictions may still apply, developers noted.

The tokens will be based on the Ethereum blockchain and initially available for purchase in ether (ETH). Although no sale dates were revealed yet, users can already post on social media their fanfare for Stallone to be eligible for an invitation-only pre-sale phase.

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