Cryptocurrency projects now have their own dedicated feed on Product Hunt as the platform wants to bring all Web3-related products in one place. Tim Carambat, a former Full Stack Engineer at Product Hunt, said he saw a big opportunity for the company to reward its community by bringing Web3 features to the platform:

I saw some advantages there [Web3 integration] because there was also like this wallet connect ability and Product Hunt is at its core a community website.

Although no particular details about possible Web3 projects by Product Hunt were revealed, Carambat noted that the company was considering adding support for crypto wallets as a way for it to reward users later with a "token or NFTs."

Carambat admitted that Product Hunt already has its own reward system with the karma account, but the company thought "it would be nice to have an on-chain representation of those contributions." As of press time, the platform counts 5,934 crypto products with almost 35,000 following the space.

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