Venture capital is flowing like water into the Web3 space as the COVID-19 pandemic made a wave of creators and influencers leave their jobs to start businesses from scratch.

Speaking to Times News Express, investors noted these days anyone can now "earn a living wage" with the right technology tools in place.

Ann Bordetsky, an NEA partner, says there's a race to find the Uber, Twitter, Stripe of the Web3 economy as talents flooded into the space. She added:

The war for talent is here to stay.

She pointed out the fundamentals have never been more important in this market as the smart money wants to see a "killer product and team." Mike Jones, Co-Founder of Science, said more companies would leverage crypto principles even without users noticing.

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At the same time, Talia Goldberg, a partner at Bessemer, noted that investors are not too obsessed with blockchain complexities as consumer adoption still grows with the whole Web3 trend.