If you thought the world of non-fungible tokens (NFT) can't go crazier, then surprise! A crypto enthusiast dubbed "0xInuarashi" made the so-called "NFT-bound" which is basically a token that is distributed on its own between CyberKongz NFTs holders.

Users can't transfer or trade the KongzBound token themselves. Instead, these "magical tokens" — which are part of the untradeable On Chain Kongz collection — will automatically jump to the new owner of the CyberKongz NFT on any transfer, 0xInuarashi wrote in the project's description on OpenSea.

These tokens aren't independent even though they're 100% on-chain. They are essentially based on Kongz DNA, a special tracker in the original contract of CyberKongz. In other words, each bound token is a 1:1 replication of the original NFT, but without the same functionalities.

Now, you might be wondering, what's the point of that? Well, we don't know either but time will tell.

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