OneRepublic, an American pop-rock band, is collaborating with a Norwegian record producer and songwriter Kyrre Gørvell-Dahll (Kygo), for a new NFT project called "Bored Brothers."

The project, which is basically a set of songs made in the form of NFTs, positions itself as another expansion of the Bored Apes Yacht Club (BAYC) ecosystem, based on the popular collection of digital apes.

According to the project's description on Sound, the project aims to curate and create music "outside our respective genres." Here's what the band says:

We live and work in the real world and in real venues as easily as the metaverse itself. There will be collaborations, there will be experimentations, and there are no rules.

The band's debut track dubbed "DRIP" is scheduled to be released on Sound this Friday at 5 pm EST. In total, there will be only 300 copies of the NFT track, each of them valued at 0.1 ETH (~$310).

Besides the NFTs themselves, there will also be rewards called "Egg," which is essentially a randomly selected chance to be featured in the "DRIP" music video. By purchasing the tokens, users will also get the chance to meet the Bored Brothers at an upcoming show.

Meanwhile, cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase is working on an animated interactive trilogy about Bored Apes. The movie — led by Coinbase's new media arm and William Swann — will debut at NFT.NYC in June this year.

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