Omar Bheda, a security developer from Dallas, used to work for Web2 projects. One day he left his job with no knowledge about Web3. It took him only three weeks to join Coinbase as a blockchain analyst.

Here's what he says helped him to succeed:

  • Understand the context. Get familiar with what you want to do in the Web3 space.
  • Start with the fundamentals. Understand the basics inside and out with the help of blockchain tutorials on YouTube. You should be able to understand and explain to a five-year-old key concepts about a blockchain network, smart contracts and why bitcoin is so important.
  • Focus. Gain experience in specific knowledge. Bheda focused on blockchain security as he was good as a security professional.
  • BUIDL portfolio. Once you clearly see what you want to do and how to get it, start building your portfolio.
  • Become an experienced developer. Bheda notes there is a "huge shortage of experienced web3 talent." He says anyone who held a high level in a Web2 role would be in high demand in Web3.

The Web3 market is just in its early innings. To The Moon reported that Chris Dixon, a general partner at the venture capital firm a16z, recently announced the launch of Web3 University, an online educational platform that covers the fundamentals of the blockchain development ecosystem.