The world of Web3 has never been centered around one specific group only and the latest decentralized autonomous organization called "Unicorn DAO" is the latest proof of that. The organization said in an announcement on Instagram it will support female, non-binary and LGBTIQ+ Web3 creators to "shake up the way creators are identified." The DAO said:

We all know that the best creators aren't just men and don't just come from the US or other large economies around the globe. They include people from all backgrounds, colors, gender, identities, and stripes.

Among its objectives, the DAO plans to build the infrastructure and mentorship for a feminist and "queer revolution" on the blockchain. Unicorn DAO also wants to:

  • fund business led by women, non-binary and LGBTQ+ people;
  • subvert crypto bro culture;
  • discover and advertise talent early;
  • and create non-cringe — whatever it means — NFT cultural movements.

To reach the above-listed milestones, the DAO has already purchased "over one-thousand NFTs created by artists that identify within the women, non-binary and LGBTQ+ groups." The organization says it will showcase all of its NFT holdings at many of the future crypto and NFT conferences.

We celebrate and honor the birth of NFTs as the beginning of one of the most impactful movements in the history of modern art.

At the time of writing, a bunch of celebrities such as Grimes, Beeple, Yuga Labs, World of Women, Moonpay, ConsenSys Mesh, Polygon and Wave Financial joined the DAO. Unicorn DAO says each member will have the opportunity to contribute 50 ETH to receive a 1% interest in Unicorn DAO.

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