Roach racing is one of the oldest forms of entertainment on Earth

The roaches have been part of the human culture since the times of ancient Egypt and the roach races have existed at least since the 18th century when the sailors in the Caribbean were known to enjoy this kind of entertainment. It was not only about participating in a race: as in any other racing, collecting and breeding have always been a huge part of the game. We believe it’s time to digitize, gamify and enrich this experience with the modern blockchain economy.

Roach Racing Club is a strategic racing game, one of a kind, where users can breed bio-mechanical roaches and race against other players

The DNA of the roaches is the most innovative element of the game mechanics: each roach has a specific genetic profile connected to different data flow provided by Chainlink Oracles, such as weather conditions or asset price fluctuations.

For example, certain roaches are connected with the Ethereum price feed, and they are performing better when the asset is growing. Choosing the perfect roach for a particular race is the key to the winning strategy.

There have already been several horse races on Blockchain, like Zed or DeRace, but our project is the first-ever roach race on-chain.

Source: Roach Racing Club
Source: Roach Racing Club

In my ‘real-lifeI’m a professional communication strategist and a music producer

I’m also a Boiler Room resident and founder of GOST ZVUK label with a vast network of musicians. I’ve delivered a lot of creative assets: vinyl records, collections of merch, and curated numerous musical and educational events. I realized I could apply my skills and started to gather the team.

In 2017 I acquired my first BTC, traded alts, and wasted everything by the end of 2018.

The only asset I still keep from that era is LAND from Decentraland, as I’ve participated in their first auction. It was my first NFT, and I think I’ll keep it forever.

Ildar Zainetdinov (low808). Photo: Masha Demianova
Ildar Zainetdinov (low808). Photo: Masha Demianova

When I got into crypto I was extremely excited

I thought that the worldwide adoption of this genius technology would be much faster. 2018-2020 was all doomed, but then DeFi summer (the summer of 2020, when decentralized finance on the Blockchain has hit the high point—To The Moon) came.

It was the moment I realized the power of Ethereum.

Those days it was all about educating myself, continuous research, and understanding the way it all works. I was fascinated by the ideas, crypto community, and overall crypto ethos and always dreamed about entering this space as a builder.

Luckily, I’ve met my key partner Dan—we are both obsessed with decentralized economy, art, and gaming culture

He already had vast experience in building on-chain analytical services. We formed a team, and started building the Roach Racing Club. My responsibility is the beauty and the integrity of the game because. I've got vast experience in working with creative teams creating new forms of life and imaginary universes. I feel artists and I know how to reach specific creative goals.

The initial idea of the Roach Racing Club was formed with Dan, he’s in charge of the gaming economy and overall strategic development of the game. Our CTO (Chief Technology Officer—To The Moon) is Andrew—he was born to code, and his interest in gaming derived from his programming addiction. He contributed to more than 100 mobile games with more than 20 mln downloads and numerous awards. He's been building on Solidity since 2017 and coordinating back and front-end departments. Last but not least we’ve got a fantastic design team led by Dima, an award-winning designer working in the field of 3D motion since 2005. At the moment, 12 people are working on the project. Right now we invest our savings, but we are getting ready for the angel round.

Source: Roach Racing Club
Source: Roach Racing Club

I love playing games, but I never own my gaming assets

They are frozen and don’t belong to me. It's the past. Because games with community-shared economies allow users to control their assets and tokenize their talents and time. Interconnectivity of web3 models allows another level of collaboration between users and gaming projects. These aspects are flipping the script and I believe it will be the key factor in gaming category growth.

Games with tokenized revenue streams have higher engagement and LTV. That’s the crypto-economy for me.

Ildar Zainetdinov (low808). Source: personal archive
Ildar Zainetdinov (low808). Source: personal archive

Talking about pure art in crypto, I’m a huge fan of the Eboy collective

I’ve been following them since early 2000, they are the true genius of pixel art. I like how Quentin Dupieux aka Mr. Oizo entered the space. I love the freakiness of Takashi Murakami and his Kawai universe. XCOPY is doing good punk stuff. I’m also into the absurdity and naive art, I’ve been into Jon Burgerman for years and he also started to freak out with NFTs.  And shl0ms is my favorite post-modern crypto activist.


The Genesis drop (the first unique issue of NFTs — To The Moon) of 10,000 NFT roaches is coming very soon, and it will be the entry point to our wicked universe.

But everyone can already participate, as we established quite an innovative system of traits distribution.

Those who are active in our discord earn XP points, which are going to affect the chances of minting the rarest Roaches. We call it the ‘Grand Trait Race’.

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We’ve got the so-called Syndicate layer – users can organize into groups to boost their efficiency and gain substantial benefits, such as owning and managing their custom race track. The Syndicate building starts even before the game launches — ahead of the Genesis drop, leaders already can start and grow their Syndicates.

We want to involve our vast creative network and onboard more talented friends with a unique vision

It’s the foundation for our aesthetic expression. Our universe is built on the intersection of art, gaming, and technology.

On the other hand, at Roach Racing Club we are exploring innovations to evoke new forms of game experience. One of our goals is to use blockchain ecosystem compatibility and we are building a dynamic universe driven by data.

Source: Roach Racing Club
Source: Roach Racing Club

There are three key aspects we’ve been focused on: the visual aesthetic of our universe, the breeding model, and the overall gaming economy

Considering the visual part, we’ve made significant progress in trait variability. At the moment there are more than 2.5 bln of possible combinations. Breeding is at the core of our game mechanics, and we’ve already written the core breeding contract logic. Genesis sale contracts and personal gaming cabinets are also already delivered by our devs and we are conducting final tests these days. Another crucial part is about establishing relations with gaming guilds – we are in touch with Metaguild, Breeder DAO, and Blackpool. We are listening to their feedback and integrating their ideas from the very beginning of our development.

What’s next?

We are committed to Roach Racing Club for the upcoming years. We expect to deliver the fully working product by the end of 2022, and when we establish the community, we might think about the next steps. We believe community-shared economies and overall blockchain technology will be the key factor for this growth. The gaming market size is 178 bln, and it’s estimated to grow to 269 bln by 2025.

Source: Roach Racing Club
Source: Roach Racing Club