Big Pharma is about to join the metaverse as TikTok and Instagram doctors seek new ways to stay connected with their communities. Apparently, the new project called MetaDocs — which is essentially an NFT collection — wants to bring that vision to reality as the collection's digital collectibles are designed to give their owners access to real doctors.

However, there's one small thing — this remote access doesn't mean you can get medical advice from these doctors since it is not licensed as a telemedicine service. And that "small thing" has already become a problem for MetaDocs Founder Dr. Sina Joorabchi who didn't want to consider his investors in a commentary to BuzzFeed News as patients:

At this point, we’re hesitant to refer to anybody as a patient.

While NFT value "isn't just medical care" for Joorabchi, each MetaDocs NFT is expected to be sold at a pre-sale at 0.2 ETH (~$575). The MetaDocs Founder says users shouldn't consider this project for investment purposes in the traditional way as its goal is "connecting people with these doctors for a value of whatever they want to talk about or connect with." It remains unclear what value chats with famous physicians could have given that doctors can't prescribe for or diagnose NFT owners.


MetaDocs affiliates. Source:

What is more, is that MetaDocs allegedly has brought on its board some physicians without their approval at all as MetaDocs has now removed at least nine physicians from the website, BuzzFeed News noted. According to the report, MetaDocs also no longer promises to donate $1 million from its proceeds to an autism charity. Those revelations seem to hit Joorabchi hard as he added that the team now needs to "stabilize a little bit more on those fronts."

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