Olivier Klepatzky is one of those crypto believers who wanted to picture the moments of the market's evolution through the camera lens. Klepatzky, who has had a career in the French film and television industry, told NFTevening in an interview he decided to create the BeMyNFT documentary due to the rapid pace of the NFT space.

I found a co-producer. As crazy as I am, I talked to this guy I didn’t know maybe two months ago, but I said, we have to start it because it’s now. And if we don’t start to shoot now, we are going to miss something.

For the documentary, Klepatzky interviewed a group of NFT influencers, including the creator of Women Rise NFT Maliha Abidi, President of Gala Games Jason Brink, Chief Legal Officer of Dapper Labs Scott Shipman, and others.

BeMyNFT aims to help with understanding the full excitement of the market, the official website of the project says.

Keywords and vocabulary, concrete cases and also some pitfalls to avoid before launching yourself. You will also discover that NFTs are already part of your life without you even knowing it.

The film will be available in two versions: a 90-minutes feature film & a Director's Cut version with a series of 4 episodes of 26 minutes.

Klepatzky admits he will have to secure the funds to complete the project first before the release. He thinks an NFT collection will work for that. Although Klepatzky didn't go into details about the NFT collection, he noted it will be created by a French photographer Ludovic Baron who has worked with the Opéra Garnier, the Petit Palais and Dieux du Stade.

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