With the introduction of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) many creators have been struggling to find new use cases for the technology except for speculating on marketplaces. The latest project called The Tweet DAO was designed as an experiment to give anyone a tool to publish tweets from a single point of access with the help of crypto.

In order to publish a tweet, a user needs to buy a non-fungible token from the Tweet DAO Eggs collection on OpenSea. After linking a crypto wallet to the project's website, users can make one tweet on the project's Twitter account per day. As of press time, the floor price is set at 0.8 ETH per NFT.

Besides tweeting limits, there is also a set of rules users should follow. According to a message on Discord, any of the following violations can result in a ban:

  • No racism
  • No NSFW
  • Don't be an ass
  • No advertisements
  • Don't impersonate admins
  • Just vibe

Apparently, the idea behind the project paid off as its Twitter account surpassed 3,700 followers in a matter of just a few hours.

Earlier, To The Moon reported that YouTuber Anish De had made a web app that allows anyone who has an account on Twitter to mint tweets as NFTs for free. Built with the Thirdweb Typescript SDK, the so-called TwNFT app gives creators a tool to memorize their short messages on social media with the help of blockchain.

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