Mayuko Inoue is one of those people who seemed to have everything in her life. But having spent six years working at Intuit, Patreon, and Netflix, she realized she wants to become a full-time YouTuber. Here's what she has revealed in the latest episode of Fast Company‘s podcast Creative Control.

Do not ignore burnout

When Inoue first joined YouTube, she was still an iOS engineer at Netflix. Although it was "an awesome job," Inoue quit the company after she started realizing she might face burnout due to a disbalance between interests and a value set:

The one thing that I know about burnout is that it can happen when your interests and your value set don’t align with what you’re doing day to day. And to me, I was just like, if I keep working as a software engineer [at Netflix], it's going to lead to burnout sooner rather than later.

She admits she might still burn out on YouTube, but she feels like she has a "little bit more control" because she's working for herself.

Know what you're hustling for

Inouer with over 527,000 subscribers on YouTube says creators should clearly understand the idea behind the hustle culture. For her, it was important to focus on what she is hustling for and what are the things she wants to learn to stretch herself "out of her comfort zone."

The bias is just to do more, just constantly be outputting things. Maybe we can take a step back and commit to less, but work in a way that we want. I kind of feel like the world would look really differently if we all did that.

And it seems that mental difficulties and challenges related to focusing on the goal as a content maker have become an integral part of the creator economy. To The Moon earlier reported that Twitch might be encouraging streamers to be live as long as possible to keep viewers, which, in turn, affects creators' mental health.

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